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Infant & Toddler Mental Health Program

Welcome to the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program at Compass Point Counseling Service!

Our goal is to provide therapeutic services to enhance the social and emotional well being of families with children birth to age five. Each stage of child development bring joys and demands to the family as a whole. From welcoming a new child to preparing a preschooler for entering school, there are many social and emotional challenges that occur along the way for both the child and their family. This stage of development (0-5) is unique and requires specific areas of intervention to meet the individual needs of young children and their families.

Our approaches involve both the caregivers and child. Your family will participate in a thorough assessment to determine the best treatment for your family’s needs. Whether you are the parent, grandparent, foster, or adoptive parent we know you want the best for your child. You are the expert on your family and will be very engaged in the treatment process! Our services and interventions will address the areas listed below and more…


Our Team

The Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Team is dedicated to coming alongside families to help promote healthy, fulfilling, and rewarding relationships. Families with infants and young children have unique circumstances, trials and difficulties that require specialized interventions. Our expertise is aimed at enhancing caregiver-child attachment and promoting healthy development. We are invested in keeping up with the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations for healthy infant and toddler development in the areas of eating, sleeping, exercise, and nutrition. Our team closely follows recommendations and research that is distributed by the ZeroToThree organization. We are members of both the Southwest Ohio Association for Infant and Toddler Mental Health and the World Association for Infant Mental Health. Our team continually strives to pursue learning experiences to strengthen our knowledge base and resources to meet the unique needs of families with young children.

Cobin Trout MS, LPCC-S, RPT-S, IMH (1)

Team Member
Practices at the West Chester Location

I am a licensed professional clinical counselor and supervisor. I have been working with families and children in the mental health setting since 2000. I also have eight years experience as an elementary teacher in the public school setting. I am especially interested in early intervention and prevention. I believe it is important for the whole family to be involved in the child’s care and treatment. I am certified as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and have extensive training in play therapy. Children learn about their world through play. My approaches are developmentally appropriate as they are primarily play-based. I also have training in attachment-based therapies and I am currently working on my certification in Theraplay®. Strong family attachments set the stage for future positive mental health. Along with providing parenting support, I also utilize child-centered and filial therapies. I am endorsed as an Infant Family Associate (I) through the Indiana Association for Infant and Toddler Mental Health and I also serve on the Ohio Play Therapy Association Board. I am passionate about helping families to overcome their challenges and experience growth and healing.

Alyx Beresford MSW, LISW-S, IMH (II)

Team Member
Practices at the Anderson office

As an infant mental health therapist, my passion is to enhance child-caregiver attachment and promote healthy development. This is achieved in many ways, including parent education and coaching, child-parent interaction, and play therapy with the child.  As a parent coach, I take a non-judgmental approach and want to work with you to strengthen your skills and confidence, my own experience as a parent helps me to understand what you are experiencing.  In working with your child, I will be open minded and compassionate.

I am extensively trained in parent education (Incredible Years Model), play therapy, attachment enhancing therapeutic techniques (Theraplay® Model), and childhood development. I also enjoy reading Infant Mental Health research and textbooks to stay current on new information. I am currently working towards certification in play therapy.  I am a certified Infant Family Specialist, a member of the Association for Play Therapy, the World Association for Infant Mental Health and the Indiana Association for Infant Mental health.  I would love to discuss with you what modalities would best meet the needs of you and your child, please call to schedule an appointment at your convenience!