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If you have had a great experience at Compass Point and wish to express such via a review, We encourage you to share. We recognize this takes time out of your day and we sincerely thank you in advance for your willingness to share your Compass Point experience.

​Nicole, Thank you for everything you have done for me! You truly hlped me get through ( and continue to get through) the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life! I wish you well in everything you do!

Love, NC

​Great place.. Very professional.. Uses my preferred name without any hesitation. Feel like more than just a client.


​Terry does a really nice job. The location is really easy to find and there is ample parking. The office is clean and nice. The furniture and carpet are clean and stain free. The staff there is so friendly and empathetic. They accept insurance too.


​The best therapists are here! They are the most validating therapists I’ve met! You can tell they truly want to help you. Their DBT program is taught by the book and they are one of the only facilities to do the around here. The office staff knows me by name, we’ll face actually! I don’t even have to go up to the desk. They just see me and sign me in. I have also had a mix up with being billed when I should not have and they fixed it right away.


My wife and I both have been coming to Compass Point for many months now. We are receiving fantastic guidance in achieving our life’s goals and dreams. We have worked with many Therapists on staff and we are very impressed with the level of professionalism and coaching we have received. We are on track to creating our life goals with many thanks to Compass Point Counseling services.

-Brian and Suzanne

The best therapists are here! They are the most validating therapists I’ve met! You can tell they truly want to help.


Actual note from client


​Nothing seemed to be helping my daughter’s downward spiral into depression and anxiety until we found Alyx Beresford and her DBT skills class at Compass Point. Together we completed the full year of DBT in a group setting with other teens and parents. Each week, as my daughter gained mindfulness based coping skills and improved self esteem, she began to let down her guard and non-judgementally love herself. As a mother, I learned fantastic skills that help me parent all 3 of my children more effectively. My daughter will always battle anxiety and depression, but now she has coping skills and tools she can use when things get rough. I am so grateful to Alyx and the rest of our DBT group for a learning experience that changed both me and my daughter for the better. Hopefully we will both always remember to use our DBT skills when we need them!​


In my profession I don’t often hear “thank you”. It’s often complaint after complaint or “you aren’t doing enough for me”, “my room sucks”, etc… So every once in a while when I get a “thank you” I truly treasure it. In fact in my office I have a file folder where I’ve put various notes and thank yous from folks that I’ve met along the way in my career. I’m writing to you today to say Thank You. Last August when I made the phone call to schedule an EAP session and they gave me your name, I was willing to take a leap of faith on someone being able to help me. You’ve done just that and helped me walk through a particularly dark time in my life. I know that I still have a ways to go towards loving myself and being more positive about all the great things in my life, but I’ve made tremendous strides and you’ve been a big part of that journey.


“Jennifer is such a good therapist! I have seen her for over a year and I am so happy with everything she taught me! She is always available if I need help and such a good role model. I am so happy I see her and she always makes me feel good! I have improved in everything! Without her I would still be in the hospital. Thanks Jennifer!!!!!!!!”


“I am so glad that I was able to begin seeing Alyx for therapy about two years ago. With her therapeutic guidance, I have progressed more in the time I’ve had Alyx as a therapist than in all previous 10+ years of therapy; not only is this visible to me and my treatment team, but also to my family and friends. She challenges me, yet is still compassionate. Compass Point’s DBT team has also helped me tremendously (Charles, Jen, Joanna, Jaquelin, Mary, and Kim have been ones that I’ve interacted with). I don’t think there are words adequate to convey what Alyx and Compass Point’s DBT team do for me… 🙂

Additional Comments: Megan in the front office rocks, especially because when I call, she always knows me. It makes things feel more individualized, smaller, and like I’m not just another number. Alyx is tremendous. Even though I hate it at times, she has challenged my thoughts and behaviors more than anyone else. And even though I hate to admit it at times, those challenges are essential for progress! She is pretty much the best and most effective therapist I’ve had (and I’ve had my fair share)!”

– a grateful client

“I have been through a lot of major challenges in my life. Going through therapy and learning skills with my therapist has saved my life and made me a stronger and more resilient person. I am very grateful for the wisdom and support of my therapy team.”

– J.S