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Phone: (513) 939-0300

What to Expect

Scheduling Your First Appointment

Taking the first step to call and make an appointment can sometimes feel challenging. At Compass Point Counseling we strive to make this process a comfortable one. When you call us at 513.939.0300 you will be put in touch with one of our front office staff who will go through the intake process with you to get you scheduled with one of our therapists. You will speak with either myself (Megan), Kristin, Jessica, Taylor, or Joan. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have before making your appointment. You will be asked to provide us with general demographic information, insurance/EAP information (if applicable), and a brief description of why you are seeking treatment. Compass Point is a multi-specialty group private practice which utilizes a team approach as an important tool in providing specialized care and by providing us with your reason for seeking treatment we are better able to match you with the therapist who might be the best fit for your needs. You can read the biographies of all of our therapists on our “Meet the Therapists” page. After we have all of your information we will provide you with the option to schedule with a few of our therapists. Please feel free to communicate to us any special circumstances that might aid in scheduling your appointment. (i.e. whether you prefer to see a male or female therapist, if you need daytime or evening hours for your appointment, or if you need certain days of the week.)We will do our best to accommodate your requests when looking for appointments for you. Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive an automated telephone reminder call the day before.

Before Your Visit

Once your appointment is scheduled you may fill out your paperwork online and print it out to bring with you to your first session or you may choose to come to the office 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and complete the paperwork in the office. If you choose to fill out paperwork online you will need to print out the registration form as well as the consent to treat. The necessary paperwork can be found here. Along with these forms you will find our privacy policy which you may want to print out to keep for your records. You can also request a copy from us as well.

When You Arrive

Our main office is located in Fairfield and you will find our office staff at this location. We will greet you when you arrive and take you through the check in process. We will also provide you with any necessary paperwork, if you have not already completed it and collect any payment(s) that are due at time of service.

Our other locations, Anderson, Montgomery, and Western Hills are run by our therapists. When you arrive they may have the paperwork sitting out for you to get started on. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable in our waiting room and the therapist will be out to greet you as soon as possible. If you should need anything while you are waiting for your appointment please feel free to call our main office at 513.939.0300 and we will assist you via telephone. Please note that if you call outside of our front office hours you may get our general voicemail. We usually close the front office at 6:15pm. This does not mean that therapists do not have scheduled appointments outside of the front office hours. If you would leave a message in the general voicemail after our office hours it will not be returned until the next business day. If there is an emergency you can be connected with our answering service by following the prompts and they can put you in contact with your therapist.


All sessions are private and confidential. You will work with your therapist to help develop goals and a treatment plan to begin the healing process and find your own path in life. If there is a need for your therapist to communicate with someone else they will have you fill out a release of information allowing them to do so.

If you are using your insurance we are required to speak with them regarding diagnosis codes, treatment plans, or other typically confidential information from time to time. If you would prefer that we don’t have any contact with insurance companies regarding your sessions you do have the option to pay privately. We do offer a discounted private pay rate for paying at the time of service. Paying privately increases confidentiality, allows for additional treatment avenues, and eliminates the mandatory reporting to insurance companies. Removing the “middle man” of insurance companies allows the therapeutic relationship to be better customized to each client by protecting your privacy, using diagnoses only if and when it impacts your treatment, and allowing your sessions and payments to be less dictated by a certain billing code and more by your needs. We understand that insurance benefits can leave you feeling confused and we are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding this topic.

Please note that we cannot honor the confidentiality of your session when there is an immediate threat of harm to self or others.

If you have any other questions, or to get started, please feel free to contact our office at 513.939.0300.