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Phone: (513) 939-0300

Girl Talk

Support & Therapy Group for teen girls

Being a teen today comes with overwhelming expectations and responsibilities. Girl Talk offers a unique open forum on real‐life issues facing teen girls, ages 13‐17 years old. Group topics range from making positive choices, understanding intense and confusing emotions, goal setting, self‐esteem, relationships, beating the blues, stress busters, and body image. Through experiential activities and therapeutic discussions the group will offer a safe space for members to explore and process current life stressors and “real life “ issues facing teen girls, in order to develop healthy coping skills, increase self‐confidence, gain respect and appreciation of their bodies, build healthier relationships with friends and family members, and to know themselves more fully. Serious talks and serious fun!

Goals & Benefits of Group

  • Build self-esteem, self- awareness, confidence, and a positive identity
  • Develop your strengths while building healthy relationships with yourself and others
  • Discuss life issues and receive support to make more positive choices
  • Develop new skills for handling teenage hardships

A new session of Girl Talk will be start on Wednesdays from 3:15‐4:30 starting in June 2016 at 1251 Nilles Rd in Fairfield . The summer session will be 8 weeks long and will cost $10 per session (not insurance billable) or a discounted $65 if paid upfront. An intake appointment will need to be scheduled prior to joining the group.

To inquire about how you can build self‐confidence and thrive in everyday life situations, call us at 513‐939‐0300. Reserve your spot today!