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DBT Friends & Family

DBT Friends and Family is a support group for individuals who have a loved one that has been participating in DBT treatment.  We understand that the DBT concepts and skills are foreign to you and that your loved one’s behaviors, thoughts, and/or feelings may be confusing.  We believe that you have a desire to help facilitate positive change. 

The goal of DBT Friends and Family is two-fold:
1. We seek to support you and connect you with others who understand this stress
2. We seek teach you core DBT skills and concepts so that you can relate and help your loved one

DBT Friends and Family groups are held once per month (the first/second Saturday) in Anderson and once per month (third/fourth Saturday) in Fairfield from 9-11am.  Each month will cover a different topic and allow time for you to ask specific questions.  Groups are led by members of the Compass Point DBT treatment team.

Cost for the DBT Friends and Family support group is $20/group.  Please note that support groups are not billable to your insurance company.  You must RSVP at least 4 days in advance (call 939-0300 to RSVP). 

Please contact us about this support group if your: spouse, child, sibling, friend,  etc is/has been in DBT treatment and you need support!