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Thinking About Therapy?

How do you decide that now is the right time?

If you wake up most mornings with a sense of dread and discouragement, now is the right time.

If you no longer enjoy things that used to give you pleasure, now is the right time.

If your emotions are controlling you instead of you controlling them, now is the right time.

If you feel withdrawn or disengaged from the important people in your life, now is the right time.

If you can’t stop thinking about something bad that happened in the past, and feel “stuck” as a result, now is the right time.

If you are having trouble sleeping, or are no longer motivated to take care of your physical health, now is the right time.

If you are struggling with conflicts in an important relationship, and can’t seem to resolve anything, now is the right time.

If your kids’ behavior is driving you up a wall and nothing seems to work, now is the right time.

You deserve to find, or rediscover, peace, satisfaction, and connection.  You deserve to enjoy and savor your life and relationships.  If you don’t, maybe now is the right time for therapy.


Ruth SchriderRuth Schrider is a Licensed Independent Social Worker who has worked in various mental health settings for over thirty years. Ruth enjoys working with adults, couples, families and children, individually and in groups. She specialized in working with adolescents and their families. Much of her experience has been with organizations serving families and children, in which she provided group and individual therapy in home, office, and school locations. This work always included behavior modification and parent education.  Ruth treats clients experiencing anxiety, depression and other mood disorder, trauma symptoms, grief and loss, relationship and behavioral problems. Her therapeutic approach includes cognitive and emotion-based interventions, and is always client-centered.