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Our outpatient therapy services are designed for ages 12- adult and include:

Full Diagnostic Assessment

Comprehensive diagnostic assessments are conducted at all the locations. We assess each person to determine current lifestyle and historical patterns as well as appropriate level of care. Once assessed, this information is used to guide the formation of the treatment plan concerning counseling interventions and assist the individual on their road towards recovery.

Court and other mandated Assessments

In addition to the clinical interview, we provide drug screening and diagnostic testing. This assessment can one to three appointments or three hours total.

Individual Therapy

Each person (adolescent or adult) is assigned a primary therapist and sessions are scheduled based on the individualized need. Counseling appointments can vary from weekly to monthly. Individual therapy sessions are customized to care for the overall well-being of the client. Several of the common areas addressed are: identify barriers to recovery, develop specific treatment plans, relapse issues, sober support guidance, co-occurring mental health concerns, etc. – all to help the individual to maintain sobriety as they continue to face day-to-day life challenges while in treatment.

Choices Program for Adolescents

Safe supportive program for teens from 13 to18 years of age. After assessment and eligibility, each adolescent is assigned a primary therapist to address their individual needs and are involved with weekly group counseling sessions, random drug screening and case management services. Individual therapy sessions are customized to work with teens and pre-teens as young as 12 years of age. See the CHOICES: Adolescent Program section for more information

Family Services

Addiction impacts the individual as well as the family. Here at ARC we see the importance of family. The identified person is not the only one experiencing the issues and problems of addiction – the entire family is in need of assistance. This is why we encourage families to participate in some level of our treatment program. In fact, we believe that families are an integral part of the recovery process for clients and healing for everyone involved is vital. See the family section for more information.

Education and Prevention

These services can be provided both individually or in a group setting and in the community. If you or your company would like more information on education opportunities please call and speak directly to the Addiction Recovery Center’s director at 513-939-0300.

Core Treatment Groups


CHOICES: Adolescent Substance Abuse Group
DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Girl Talk


DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Discovery Group
Mindful Recovery & Wellness
Sacred Circle Women’s Group
The Huddle

Specialty groups can be utilized to enhance your recovery efforts. Groups are forming on an ongoing basis please call the office at 513-939-0300 or email our addictions recovery team at for more information.