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CHOICES: Adolescent Substance Use Program

Our adolescent substance abuse treatment program designed for teens ages 13 -17 years old. It is intended help teens address their drug problems/high risk behaviors as well as their co occurring life skill deficits, situational and psychological problems. After a comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plan will be tailored to the needs of the teen and may include a combination of treatment services. We offer: diagnostic assessment, treatment planning, case management, comprehensive drug screening, individual, group and family therapy. We also offer a parenting education and support group for parents of teens with substance abuse concerns. Our program is staffed with licensed professionals with extensive training with substance abuse, gambling and other addictive behaviors.
Our program offers three levels of intervention:

Phase I – Education & Prevention (4 weeks)
Phase II – Treatment (12 weeks)
Phase III – Aftercare (ongoing)

Family Involvement: This education + support group will help parents explore the feelings of fear and uncertainty, learn how to be supportive without enabling set and maintain boundaries, cope with possibility of relapse, detach with love. (2 meetings monthly required for parents of teens in phase I or II of the program)