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Welcome to the Addiction Recovery Center (ARC) at Compass Point Partners in Wellness!

Your journey in recovery starts here at ARC…a holistic, outpatient center for substance abuse treatment and other behavioral addictions. Although we are located in greater Cincinnati many of our clients seeking treatment come from Hamilton, Butler and Clermont counties in Ohio, Northern Kentucky and South East Indiana. The Addiction Recovery Center is an integrative outpatient substance use and behavioral addiction treatment center for adolescents and adults. With its unique combination of innovative and traditional therapies, the Addiction Recovery Center brings to the greater Cincinnati area, an individualized and exceptional treatment program. The Addictions Recovery Center at Compass Point Partners in Wellness provides specialized services for individuals with a wide range of chemical and behavioral addictions such as:

  • Substance use, abuse and addiction
  • compulsive gambling addictions
  • compulsive eating addictions
  • other behavioral concerns

Abstinence is the goal of “traditional” addiction treatment programs. However, here at ARC we believe that it is useful to use abstinence as a method of improving the overall level of functioning rather than as the end goal. This allows for “slips” to be viewed as opportunities rather than failure or justification for discharge from the program. Treating addiction with professional outpatient treatment services will increase the odds of long term “sobriety”, relapse prevention, and a healthy life. If someone you know is struggling with addiction they may need an outpatient addiction treatment program. The Addiction Recovery Center is a treatment center that helps individuals with their addictions and with improving their life after active addiction.

What is Addiction?

A universal definition is characterized by the Addiction/Dependence and does not have to be limited only to substances; even activities and behavioral patterns can become serious addictions. The key to any “addiction” is the repeated, obsessive and compulsive seeking or use of a substance, behavior or activity despite negative consequences (harmful consequences to the individual’s health, mental state or social life) often accompanied by physical or psychological dependence, withdrawal syndrome and tolerance. Despite the fact that addictions to alcohol, drugs and other behavioral addictions are chronic, progressive and some if untreated, can be fatal – ALL are very TREATABLE!

The Addiction and Recovery Center at Compass Point recognizes that behavioral addictions are just as serious as drug and alcohol addictions, and should be treated with the utmost care and sensitivity. We take the recovery process very seriously. Learning how to live without drugs, alcohol or problematic behavioral addictions is necessary in order to begin the process of addiction recovery. We can provide education to secure abstinence, assist with relapse prevention skills and developing a wellness recovery plan, support abstinence and assist aftercare lifestyle planning

If you or a loved one is dealing with substance use or behavioral addiction or has experienced multiple relapses in the past, then look no further. At ARC, our dedicated team of trained professionals will partner with you or your loved one on a one on one basis to evaluate and customize a program of wellness and recovery.